Vatu is the name of the currency for Vanuatu, a cluster of islands in the South Pacific.  Vatu Realty was inspired by the idea that the strongest currency in life is the energy and abundance that exists within each and every one of us. 

Our home is MORE than just a house - it’s a respite, a place to recharge and feel at ease to be uniquely ourselves and give our best to one another; to ourselves.  

What is Vatu Realty?

Energy is carried by living things - people, animals and everyone's home -

Mother Earth. We like houses - but the team of people who make up Vatu?


Yes, Vatu Realty is a full service real estate firm delivering customized real estate experiences. We embody the values of innovation, transparency, authenticity and fun

Homes are our business. But our lifeblood is people.  

Our vision? To elevate the lives of PEOPLE - real estate landscape by integrating leading-edge technology and tailored concierge packages into an exceptional experience - whether across town - or across the globe. 

It’s exciting to see the tremendous growth of our area, the explosion of innovative companies and businesses thriving here in the Triangle.  Vatu Realty designs and delivers an experience derived from the needs of our business partners and clients, no matter how unique or specific.

Unsure which is the best city, community or school to fit your needs & lifestyle?

Vatu Realty seeks to help you find the “right” home and community. Our role is to create a seamless, joyful experience that serves as a strong foundation for new life chapters.  

Outgrown your current home, downsizing or shipping off to your next adventure?

Our expert pricing, marketing and communication practices take the guess work out out of selling your house, townhome or condominium.

Concierge, did you say CONCIERGE? (LAUNCHING DEC 2019)

We sure did.

Every Vatu Realty client receives their own concierge consultant allowing you to remain focused on other life priorities. Whether you need help packing/unpacking, establishing services or booking logistics, we have you covered.

Ready to chat? Drop us a line or text/call 919.609.5206 to discuss your specific needs.

Why eXp Realty? 

With numerous company options to align with, Vatu chose eXp Realty as our "brokered by" firm as the pioneer in cloud-based brokerages. eXp Realty's cutting edge tools & technology, training, culture and unbeatable compensation package take the guess work out of running an agile, forward-thinking real estate firm.

No other firm in the market today offers realtors stock rewards and lowered stock purchase options.  

Exp Realty has built the infastructure and delivered the ability for business-savvy real estate professionals to build their own brand without the isolation or hassle of re-creating the wheel.   We play by the value of win/win and are vested in one another's success.

 If you are a real estate professional this resonates with you and you'd like to learn more about joining eXp Realty, check out this quick video